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Nordica Bracelet

Nordica Bracelet

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This luxurious cuff bracelet is a statement piece crafted from pure 925 sterling silver, known for its durability and shine. This elegant accessory has an open design at the back, allowing for a comfortable and adjustable fit around the wrist.

The surface of the cuff exhibits a striking contrast between its polished and oxidised finishes. Gleaming silver beads adorn the exterior, giving it a textured look that catches the light from different angles, enhancing its visual appeal and creating a sophisticated aesthetic. The polished beads are meticulously finished for a seamless appearance, while the oxidised background provides a rich, dark backdrop that adds depth and an antique feel to the overall design.

The combination of the bright and dark, creates an alluring interplay of light and shadow, lending the bracelet versatility that complements both formal and casual ensembles. Its solid silver composition assures longevity and a weight that speaks to its quality, making it not just a piece of jewellery but an heirloom that could be treasured for generations.

Order yours, enjoy complementary drinks shipping, and make it your favourite piece of jewellery today!


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