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Our expertise extends far beyond the traditional. We specialize in working with a diverse array of precious stones and metals.

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Choose Your Precious Stone


To symbolize strength, resilience and love in a custom piece or engagement ring.


Known for its calming properties, amethysts are a versatile stone that can be incorporated into any design.


A vibrant choice to add a pop of colour to any jewellery design.


For those seeking elegance and sophistication, sapphires are a popular option.


A symbol of new beginnings and prosperity, emeralds are a stunning choice for any jewellery piece.

Choose Your Metal


The classic and timeless choice for custom jewellery, available in various shades such as yellow or white.


A versatile option for any type of jewellery, with a beautiful shine that adds elegance to any design.


Known for its durability and rarity, platinum is the perfect choice for those looking for a long-lasting and luxurious piece.


Enduring and precious, platinum is a popular choice for its durability and timeless elegance.

Customize Your Dream Piece

Our materials allow for endless possibilities when it comes to creating your dream piece. From classic designs to bold statement pieces, we can bring any vision to life using the highest quality materials.

Custom Jewellery

Designing Your Unique Masterpiece

Every personalized piece has a unique story, and we aim to bring that tale to life through meticulous craftsmanship and a steadfast commitment to excellence. We recognize your individuality's importance and are devoted to presenting it to the world in the best possible way.


Consultation & Collaboration

We initiate the process by scheduling an appointment with our clients, fostering detailed discussions about their vision and requirements.



Our expert designers translate these insights into sketches, which we share with clients for their feedback and refinement.



Client feedback is vital, and we iterate on the design until it aligns perfectly with their vision, ensuring satisfaction.



Once the design is approved, our skilled artisans meticulously craft the piece with exceptional precision and care.


Quality Assurance

Each piece undergoes a comprehensive quality check to meet our stringent quality standards.



Finally, the finished masterpiece is presented to the client with the same level of personalization and care that went into crafting it.

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Your Custom Jewellery Awaits

Our materials allow for endless possibilities when it comes to creating your dream piece. From classic designs to bold statement pieces, we can bring any vision to life using the highest quality materials.

Jewellery Restoration & Repair

Restoring Elegance, Reviving Memories

We treasure every custom jewellery we create and every unique tale we share. Our meticulous repair process is guided by trust, quality, and a passion for preservation.


Whether it's a family heirloom or a cherished gift, we expertly resize your jewellery for a perfect fit.

Stone Replacement

Trust us to replace missing or damaged stones with precision, restoring your jewellery's brilliance.


Our artisans rejuvenate the luster of your treasured pieces, leaving them gleaming like new.

Discover what our valued customers say about their unforgettable experiences with our custom jewellery and exceptional repair and restoration services.
  • AGSB did a fantastic job repairing and restoring my partner's parents' 50 year old engagement ring, earrings and wedding bands. They did excellent work at reasonable prices - would go back and highly recommend.

    -Kate R.

  • The jewellery is beautifully crafted and unique, and the owner is very friendly. It's a local small business and I've shopped here many times over the years. I highly recommend stopping in.

    -Rob Milton

  • Great service. I brought in a 25 year old broken silver bracelet that had seen better days. AG fixed it and polished it up to its former glory. Price was way cheaper than what i was quoted at the Hudsons bay jewellery repair and turn around time was quick. Highly recommended!

    -Scott Marcial

If you don’t need custom jewellery or repairs at the moment, we invite you to explore our hand-picked selection of artisan-crafted pieces.

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